August 2013 Featured Artist Taka a.k.a. Alan Cooper

Featured artist of the month Taka has a unique style incorporating creatures from below the sea and a variety of imagery including warrior culture and death. An artist showing at multiple galleries, Taka has a blend of street art and fine art influences that melt together for a very creative expression. Learn about the artist below.

August Featured Artist of the Month Taka

My names Alan Takayuki Cooper and I'm from the Chicago area, I've been making art and drawing all my life and there's nothing I feel more strongly about then pursuing art... Click here to read more about Taka.

Limited Edition Street Art Sticker Packs

Featured Artist Limited Edition Sticker Pack

Alan Cooper: a.k.a. .

Taka Featured Artist Limited Edition Street Art Sticker Pack
Release Date: Aug 1, 2013
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Taka's Featured Artist Sticker Pack from the Black Cloud Collective has 5 different stickers from the artists collection. Available in limited quantities and once a Sticker Pack is sold out it will be moved to the archive vault so get them while they last!

Polyvinyl Sticker

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