September 2013 Featured Artist Bytedust a.k.a. Dennis Douven

Featured artist of the month Bytedust pays tribute to his favourite artist characters by morphing his character with theirs. The Bytedust Artist Tribute Series embodies street art characters to the fullest in this limited edition sticker pack and pays homage to Buff Monster, Banksy, Mori Chack, Mickey Mouse, Obey, Flying Fortress, Robot Will Kill, The London Police, Hello Kitty, and Kaws.

September Featured Artist of the Month Bytedust

I’m Bytedust from The Netherlands. My real name is Dennis Douven.

In 2004 I finished my Masters (MSc) of Bio molecular Sciences at the University of Utrecht (NL). I did my internship and worked at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (USA) for two years. Unfortunately due to severe health issues my future as a Scientist became impossible... Click here to read more about Bytedust.

Bytedust Tribute Series Exclusive

Featured Artist Limited Edition Art Prints Pack

Dennis Douven: a.k.a. .

Bytedust Featured Artist Limited Edition Street Art Print Pack
Release Date: Sept 1, 2013
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Product description:

Bytedust's Featured Artist Art Prints Pack from the Black Cloud Collective has 5 different Art Prints from the artists collection. Available in limited quantities and once a Art Prints Pack is sold out it will be moved to the archive vault so get them while they last!

Art Print Pack, 8 in × 10 in (203 mm × 254 mm)

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