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It’s like a sixt scense, the feeling that u have got when it’s safe to discover the steets, but in another way then a tourist or explorer.

It’s an impuls.

Creativity flows trough the mind and the quest for the best spot to find is active.

This concrete jungle is the locked door, Simplicity and recognition is the key. The only question left is, what is beyond that door? All i ever found where more doors and sometimes a window or any kind of shutter.

This fact gives us lot’s of oppertunity to go wherever whenever. But is that the answer why we do this? Is there an answer?

I dont really believe so.
But then again, i dont realy believe anyway. I only do and create because its in my system. It runs trough my vains and there is no antidote.
Only death.

ominous - serving as or having significance as an omen//
giving a suggestion about something bad that is going to happen//
minus zero//

Black Cloud Collective Artist

A.K.A. Ominus Ominus